24v Mini Electric Drift Kart

1. Razor Ground Force Drifter

 Run Time 40 mins

 Speed 12 mph

Weight 57 lbs

 Max Weight 140 lbs

Verdict: The Ground Force Drifter is a clear step up from the Razor Crayz Cart Shift and more suitable for older kids that want to experience a quicker ride and being able to do more tricks.


  • Hand-operated brakes system
  • Seat belts
  • Detachable flag
  • Good wheels for turns and drifts
  • Variable speed lever

Cons: 3 hour charging time Maybe a little heavy for younger users

Product Features

  • A great drift kart more suitable for older kids, as implied by the heavier weight of 57 pounds and max weight limit of 140 pounds
  • Capable of higher speeds thanks to the more powerful motor tech, going up to 12 mph
  • Total runtime per battery charge is about 40 minutes
  • Comes with seatbelts for extra protection
  • Visual design mimics highspeed race cars to help kids get in the mood to unleash their inner speed demon


The first drift kart we’ll be looking at is aimed at younger ages of around 8 but is geared more towards slightly older kids. The Razor Ground Force Drifter is like the older and bigger brother of the Crazy Cart Shift for a higher price. The load capacity is approximately 140 pounds so many teenagers will also be able to use this kart with no problem.

For starters, we should talk about the visual design of this kart. Anyone can tell that it more closely resembles derby and racing cars than the previous product. This alone signals a lot about what the Ground Force Drifter is capable of.

First of all, this machine is a little faster and a little more powerful. The Ground Force Drifter has a max speed of 12 miles per hour. This may not sound much faster than 8mph but it is a noticeable difference indeed. Similar to the Crazy Cart Shift, it has a max battery life of only 40 minutes, but this is 40 minutes going 12mph instead of 8mph. After the math is all said and done, the Ground Force Drifter’s battery is considerably better. It still has a charge time of roughly two to three hours, however.

The wheels are made with solid rubber tires to handle the higher speeds and the sharper turns that come with them. They can get scuffed up but they’re fairly durable and should be able to handle any kind of drifting. Their design was based on actual go-karts in terms of looks and how they work in practice. The rear tires are larger and have rounded edges while the front tires are smaller but are more circular and less hollow. This makes for better and wider turns around most corners.

Some of the best reasons to pick the Ground Force Drifter are its convenient extra features. It features a flag like most of Razor’s products but they went a couple of steps further. The Ground Force Drifter has a lever on the right side of the front of the chassis that can alternate your max speeds. The trigger activates higher speeds the harder it is pressed. This way the drivers can have fluid control over how fast they want to go.

As for safety, the Ground Force Drifter comes with seat belts that latch around the shoulder and the waist. They aren’t as thick as the ones normally found in standard go-karts but they still go a long way towards making riders feel more secure in their seats during fast turns.

A braking system was also installed and can be activated by pulling the lever on the left underside of the chassis. It would have been more convenient to have it up near the steering wheel but it isn’t hard to access. It provides responsive controls at any speed. Combined with the seat belts it will give everyone more peace of mind, parents especially.

The Ground Force Drifter is very effective on roads and sidewalks but this is virtually the only kind of terrain it will get good performance on. Just like with actual go-karts the wheels weren’t meant to be used on grass, in puddles, or dirt trails.

This kart is heavier than it looks. The entire weight is around 57 pounds which could be a little heavy for younger kids to move around when not riding it. It can also simply be a little too much of a hassle to carry in and out of storage.

Final Thoughts

Razor’s Ground Force Drifter is a great fit for kids who wouldn’t be satisfied by the beginner-level experience provided by slower and smaller drift karts. It provides a great value, especially considering the extra features and functionality in this one package.

Battery and Power

The Crazy Cart XL is powered by a 500W electric motor and uses 36 V battery. The Cart comes with a foot pedal to accelerate the Cart and the acceleration is pretty high, you will definitely enjoy the take-off!

There are 3 12V batteries in the cart that require 12 hours for the initial charge and 7-8 hours of charging afterward, the batteries will last for 40 minutes of continuous usage.

The batteries and engines can be upgraded for better performance.


5. Rollplay Tornado Drift Kart

 Run Time 30 mins

 Speed 12 mph

Weight 50 lbs

 Max Weight 150 lbs

Verdict: Rollplay disrupts the Razor monopoly with the Tornado, a fun drift kart that does not really excel.


  • Seatbelt
  • Wide comfy chair
  • Cool looking frame and wheels
  • Fast but smooth turns and drifts
  • High-quality tires

Cons: 30 min battery life Frame feels slightly too cheap

We have reached our final drift kart of the list and for once we won’t be looking at a product by Razor. Here we have the Tornado by Rollplay, yet another kart primarily designed for drifts and turns like the Drifting Crazy Cart. Rollplay’s kart is designed for ages eight and up but its main audience is children and teenagers, or anyone under the weight limit of 150 pounds.

The  Tornado has a max speed of 12 miles per hour which is controlled with the foot pedal. Unfortunately, it only has a battery life of half an hour when continuously used at max speed.

While this kart may be similar to the Drifting Crazy Cart, in that you can spin and move diagonally and all these neat stunts, the Tornado is actually quite different in how it achieves these abilities through its design.

For one thing, the  Tornado doesn’t have a steering wheel. Instead, Rollplay chose to use handlebars that swivel and move around. Instead of having to use a steering wheel and a drift lever you only need to operate the handlebars to attain your drifts and tricks. It’s a neat way to achieve the complexity of 360-degree spins and all direction drifts but in a single convenient component.

The Tornado also has four wheels and they are some very impressive ones in terms of how they look and how they ride. The black and red finish matches the actual frame of the vehicle perfectly, but even better is that the front wheels being larger than the back tires makes drifting and spinning stunts feel great.

Rollplay also provided a seat belt to keep your kids secure as they’re spinning and swiveling at 12 miles per hour.

Final Thoughts

The only negative we have to say besides the battery life is the actual build quality of the frame. It’s made out of more plastic than metal. It is thick but it doesn’t give off the sense that it will last as long as other karts that have majority metal frames.

8. Rollplay Turnado Ride

Features Suitable for ages 8+Drifting with steering wheel30 minutes run time Buy on Amazon


  • Power Source: Electric Motor
  • Speed: 12 mph (19 km/h)
  • Run Time: 30 Minutes
  • Weight Limit: 240 lbs (68 kg)
  • Recommended Ages: 8+
  • Drift Mechanism: Steering


Suitable for children aged 8 years and older, the Rollplay Turnado Ride is another awesome drift kart. It’s powered by an electric motor that manages to achieve up to 12 mph. Combined with a weight limit of 150 lbs, this drifting go-kart is great for kids!

Featuring a cool red and black design, the Rollplay Turnado Ride also offers various safety features for kids – a seat belt secures the driver in place while racing and drifting. Additionally, the pneumatic wheels ensure that the riding experience is smooth and even helps to cushion small bumps on uneven road surfaces. Instead of a traditional steering wheel, the Turnado comes with a handlebar that offers both steering and stability. This design choice also makes the kart look very unique.

The electric motor on the Turnado is powered by a 24V battery that lasts up to 30 minutes on a single charge. This number is quite a bit lower compared to other drifting go-karts featured in this list. However, it still manages to provide plenty of drifting action!

How to Drift

In order to drift, the Rollplay Turnado Ride is equipped with special angled caster wheels that help slide the kart through corners at high speeds. The ‘Innovative Direct Drive System’ used here makes it very easy to achieve a drift without needing special bars or handbrakes. Just power the Turnado up to its maximum speed and turn the handlebar to engage in some adrenaline-pumping sliding and drifting action!


The biggest complaint from buyers is about their rear wheels, it doesn’t last long. But, you can replace them with longboard wheels which will last a long time.

Apart from that, you can also upgrade your front wheels, the motor, batteries, upper motor gears and so much more. Taxi-Garage is an online store that sells all these upgrade parts, they even sell completely modified versions of the crazy carts as stage 1, stage 2, and so on till stage 5 crazy carts. These carts can be super quick.

They also have a youtube channel where they demonstrate these modified karts, I recommend checking them out.


You are very likely to run into problems for the crazy cart, so you’ll need help from others who have gone through your problems. There are a few Facebook groups such as Crazy Cart Modders with an active community and forums such as electricscooterparts with fixes to common problems, your questions are most likely been already asked before and answered in these groups, so you can easily find the solutions in faq sections and search bars.