How to Park Your Supercar Like a Pro

Practice Makes Perfect

Remember driving school? Don’t worry, weRemember driving school? Don’t worry, we’ve blocked it out too. Despite it being an awkward breeding ground for excitement, sheer terror, and a few too many hormones, driving school teaches you the basics by repetition. There’s no reason why you can’t use the same techniques years after you first held that precious license in your teenaged hand. Find an empty parking lot or open space and set up some cones (or other easily visible, flexible items) the average width of a parking spot. Then park and park some more to get your head and hands used to properly maneuvering your car. Switch between vertical and parallel parking, and you’ll be a pro before you can say “fifth-period gym class.”

Parking million-dollar supercars aint easy

The life of a valet can be a stressful one | Jeffr
The life of a valet can be a stressful one | Jeffrey Greenberg Group via Getty Images

Now, because the cars are parked vertically, things can be a little hard for the valets. Unless I missed it in a podcast or YouTube video, each car must be loaded from the bottom up. That means if valets need the car at the top, the other four cars below it all have to be started and unloaded one by one. It’s by no means time-efficient, but that’s why the building has a coffee bar, as well as a whisky and cigar lounge.

Evidently, another challenge presented is the sheer value of the cars valets move. I’ve been lucky enough to drive some expensive stuff and can tell you that eventually, you get used to it. However, every once in a while, the gravity of the situation does pop into your head. Of course, stick-shift cars with tricky clutches are always a concern. Don’t want to stall a $525,000 Guntherwerks Porsche, now do you?


When All Else Fails, Use Technology

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that driving is a skill and skills can be hard to master. Good thing, then, that car manufacturers pile on more technology features with every generation of vehicle, many of which provide ample parking support. Take parking sensors, for instance. Most of us are familiar with this system; the closer you get to an object, the faster the alerts sound. Easy, no-bump parking. Rearview cameras are also lifesavers when squeezing into tight spots. With them, you can get within inches of the vehicle parked behind you. Some systems, like Infiniti’s Around View Monitor, have the ability to display a full 360-degree view of the car’s exterior in the central dash screen so you can guide your car into a space with nary a head movement.  Load up on these features as aftermarket parts or wait until your next car purchase to snag them.