How to Troubleshoot a Gas Cap That Won't Click

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Apart from providing a top to the fuel tank, a vehicle gas cap performs many operations to ensure a car runs smoothly. A fuel cap maintains the fuel system vacuum pressure seal allowing the pump to feed fuel to the combustion system efficiently.

A fuel cap also seals deadly pollutants and fumes in the tank and protects the environment. The EVAP processes protect vehicle passengers and the environment from the negative effects of gasoline fumes.

Finally, the gas cap protects the gas tank contents from external impurities, dirt, and water during rainy weather. When you don’t have a clean gas tank because of debris or impurities, your vehicle will experience clogging, which spoils injection systems, the fuel filter, and the pump tank. These problems cause engine malfunction and diving difficulties.

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How do I know if I need to get a fuel filler cap replacement?

If you don’t feel the telltale click when closing your fuel cap, then you may need a fuel filler cap replacement. You may also notice cracks or damage to the fuel cap, or it could be missing altogether. The Check Engine light may appear. If you observe any of these signs, bring your vehicle to a mechanic to see if it needs a fuel filler cap replacement.

Method 3 of 3: Inspect the gas tank filler housing

In some very rare cases, the gas tank filler housing (or where the gas cap screws into) will become clogged with dirt, debris or the metal part will actually become damaged. The best way to determine if this part is the culprit is to follow these individual steps:

Step 1: Remove the gas cap from the filler housing

Step 1: Remove the gas cap from the filler housing.

Step 2: Inspect the tank filler housing. Inspect for signs of excess dirt, debris or scratch marks where the cap screws into the gas tank.

In some cases, especially on older gas tanks with metal gas caps, the cap may be installed crooked or cross threaded and creates a series of scratches on the tank housing. On most modern fuel cells, this simply isn’t practical or possible.

**Step 3: Look for any obstructions on the fuel neck. As crazy as it sounds, sometimes foreign objects like a twig, leaf or other object will find its way into the fuel neck. This could cause a blockage or reduced connection between the gas cap and the fuel tank; which may cause the cap to not “click.”

If the gas tank filler housing is damaged, it will need to be replaced by a professional mechanic. This is highly unlikely but can happen in some rare cases.

Under most circumstances, replacing the gas cap on any car, truck or SUV is very easy to complete. However, if the gas cap triggered an error code, it may need to be removed professionally by a mechanic with a digital scanner in order to get the car back running strong. If you need any assistance with a damaged gas cap or resetting error codes from a damaged gas cap, contact one of our local mechanics to complete your gas cap replacement service.

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