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How fast is Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR?

These cars have a highly efficient engine with a power of around 352 kW to 354kW.

The engines improve stable four-wheel driving conditions with maximum torque distribution. The engine produces a horsepower of 470 hp.

In this way, it provides a secure four-wheel drive at the highest speed conditions.

As a result, the speed dynamics have improved due to these innovative advancements in automobiles.

It is one of the most versatile vehicles that can deliver a horsepower of around 1050 hp to 1100 hp. It provides a speed of about 224 mph to 225 mph. 

The high-efficiency engine provides a range of electric miles that leads up to 437 miles. 

The engine comprises tetra motors with high performance and individual control. 

Each motor is electrically empowered, and the engine supports 110 kWh to 112 kWh motors. 


Full features of the VISION AVTR

  The concept car features a stretched “one-bow” design and organic design language that combines the exterior and interior into an emotional whole. Materials used include sustainable materials such as vegan DINAMICA leather made from recycled materials, fast-growing Karuun (rattan) that can only thrive in biodiversity, and organic, compostable battery technology that creates a closed-loop economy.


 33 bionic flaps on the back of the vehicle can communicate with the outside world- with and through the driver-using naturally flowing movements in subtle gestures. The automaker adopted the use of a multifunctional control element in the center console over the conventional steering wheel.


 Placing your hands on the control brings the interior to life and the vehicle recognizes the passenger by their heart rate. The car projects a menu selection onto the palm, allowing the user to intuitively choose from a list of different functionalities.

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What is its top speed?

Source: motor1

The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR is a car with a lot of power and speed. It has a top speed of 223mph and can go from 0-80mph in three seconds. The car can also be driven by voice commands and has some artificial intelligence built into it, meaning that the car can drive itself if you want it to.

However, there are no plans to put this car into production. The company wants to test how people react to this type of technology before releasing anything onto the market. That’s fast enough to make it the fastest production car ever made until someone makes something even more powerful.

Mercedes says the Vision AVTR has four electric motors (one per wheel) and two batteries (one in each front wheel). The car also comes equipped with a radar system that can detect objects ahead in addition to lane markings and obstacles on the road.

A closer connection

The name of the Mercedes Vision concept actually is short for “Advanced Vehicle Transformation.” The all-electric show car features a mix of sustainable materials, flexible body panels, and an electric drive system that can travel over 400 miles per charge and turn on a dime. It also offers passengers immersive virtual and augmented reality games and scenarios influenced by Cameron’s outer space adventure.

“Not only is it beautifully designed but it will create a closer connection with the driver and the environment around them. One that hopefully results in a better understanding of our responsibility to the world in which we live,” said Jon Landau, the producer of “Avatar,” who joined Cameron during the debut of the AVTR concept at CES in January 2020.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR was inspired by the
The Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR was inspired by the film Avatar. Director James Cameron helped introduce the first electric show car at CES 2020.

The four-door concept bears more than a slight resemblance to the Banshee flying vehicles used by the film’s cat-like aliens, the Na’Vi. One of the most distinctive features is the use of 33 movable “surface elements” that not only appear to bring the concept to life but which actually have a functional purpose, helping maximize aerodynamics and extend the AVTR’s range.

As with the flying vehicles called Banshees, the Mercedes Vision AVTR is designed to intuitively link driver and vehicle. In the CES version, you could place your hand on the glowing central controller and it will read your pulse while allowing you to operate many of the prototype’s functions. When you lift your hand, the concept vehicle projects onto your palm a list of different functions.

Mercedes Vision AVTR Release Date

Mercedes Vision AVTR concept, design and first look were unveiled by the company on its official YouTube Channel on January 8, 2020. Likewise, the official video of the road test was published on September 26, 2020. Popular automotive channel Supercar Blondie got an opportunity to drive the coolest vehicle in Dubai.

The availability of Mercedes Vision AVTR is not disclosed because it is the concept or a prototype only. As per the statement of the Mercedes-Benz, this awesome next-generation car shows what future automotive innovations could look like.

Features of the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR

Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) Technology

Mercedes Vision AVTR BCI Technology
Mercedes Vision AVTR BCI Technology

The all-new Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR will be equipped with Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Technology (a revolutionary technology) that measures users’ neuronal activity and triggers the targeted function in the vehicle.

The BCI technology creates a direct connection of the Vision AVTR with the human brain.

How does it work?

The BCI technology uses light dots that are projected onto the fully digital dashboard. The Vision AVTR user wears a BCI Device with wearable electrodes attached to the back of his/her head. This device records brain activity and activates a direct connection to the vehicle following a one-minute calibration.

After establishing a successful connection, the br

After establishing a successful connection, the brain reacts to the visual stimuli on the dashboard and the BCI device analyzes users’ neuronal activity in the cortex in real-time. With that, the system recognizes on which light points the user directs his/her focus and full attention.

For instance, if the user shows strong focus, it will result in higher neuronal activity which then triggers the targeted function in the vehicle.

Markus Schafer (Member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG) said, “The VISION AVTR underlines the courage and pioneering spirit of our brand and is exactly the right concept to test and further develop BCI applications. This concept vehicle impressively depicts the future of mobility in which man, nature and technology are in harmony with each other.”

Why BCI technology is important?

Technologies like BCI are considered a better option for assisting people with physical handicaps. Besides, it can provide relief to the users and focus on the amazing driving experience.

Organic Battery Technology

VISION AVTR FEATURES (Mercedes Vision AVTR Price i
VISION AVTR FEATURES (Mercedes Vision AVTR Price in USA)

The VISION AVTR concept car is a fully electric concept vehicle to be powered with innovative and highly reliable organic battery technology. The intelligent and innovative electric drive is powered by a particularly powerful and compact high-voltage battery. The all-new battery technology to be featured on the AVTR is based on a graphene-based organic cell chemistry that eradicates rare, toxic, and expensive earth-like metals.

The electromobility of the AVTR is out of fossil resources due to the revolutionary battery technology. This technology is to be introduced for the first time in electric vehicle production. Another important feature is the recyclability of the battery by compositing and it is 100 per cent recyclable due to the materiality. With that, Mercedes-Benz resembles the high relevance of a future circular economy in the raw materials sector.

Exceptionally fast charging capability

The VISION AVTR with intelligent and innovative battery technology comes with an exceptional fast charging capability that is supported by automated, and conductive charging technology. The battery charging technology is featured with an exponentially high energy density – compared to today’s battery systems with up to 1200 Wh/litre.

With such innovative and next-level charging technology, the VISION AVTR gets its battery fully charged within 15 minutes. Besides, the technology allows maximum flexibility with regard to the construction space. The battery adapts ideally to the shared space vehicle concept with a local minimum of 94 millimetres. With this, the multifunctional interior of the AVTR is optimized.

Power Performance and Range

VISION AVTR (Mercedes Vision AVTR Price in USA)
VISION AVTR (Mercedes Vision AVTR Price in USA)

The VISION AVTR is powered by a 110-kWh battery that can provide an electric range of over 700 kilometres. By recuperating during roll-out and braking, the high-voltage battery can be recharged with higher efficiency than established systems while driving and thus contributes to the high energy efficiency of the overall system. 

Optimized Efficiency

The efficiency of the Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR is considered more important as compared to the driving concept as it comes with enhanced digitalization. The performance of a large number of so-called secondary consumers also comes into focus – along with their efficient energy supply, without negatively affecting the drive power of the vehicle itself.

The energy consumption per computing operation is an important aspect of the new computer chips for the VISION AVTR. This new technology trend will excel in the coming years with the growth of sensors and artificial intelligence in the automobile industry.


The neuro-inspired approach also called neuromorphic hardware is conceptualized for the AVTR to minimize the energy requirements of sensors, chips and other components to a few watts. This will be possible with the supply of energy from the cached current of the integrated solar plates on the back of the VISION AVTR. In addition, the AVTR comes with 33 multi-directionally movable surface elements that act as “bionic flaps”.

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Mercedes Vision AVTR Price and Features

Merging of Interior and Exterior

The Mercedes-Benz VISION AVTR is to be introduced with a completely refined new design approach for the first time. The design concept comes with a combination of the exterior, interior, and UX from the first sketch. The holistic design concept of the electric vehicle resembles man and human perception as the initial design point.

VISION AVTR EXTERIOR (Mercedes Vision AVTR Price i
VISION AVTR EXTERIOR (Mercedes Vision AVTR Price in USA)

The design of the AVTR initiates with the passengers’ experience and then emphasizes the perception and requirements of the passengers. This concept of the car is especially proposed for the perception of its passengers.

Moreover, the electric concept vehicle is designed to provide an immersive experience space where passengers connect with each other, the car, and the surrounding in a unique way.

Built with Sustainable Materials

The colour design is inspired by the colour world of the sea as the large areas of AVTR such as the back shell of the seat and the sky are decorated with a colour-changing fabric. The textile changes its colour from dark blue to subtle light blue depending on the variation of light.

The luxurious-looking seats are designed with vegan DINAMICA leather which is the first and only microfibre material ensuring environmental sustainability throughout the entire production cycle. This leather is a recycled material produced from old clothing, flags, and PET plastic bottles. Detailed attention is paid to low pollutant emissions and low energy consumption during the production phase.

VISION AVTR INTERIOR (Mercedes Vision AVTR Price i
VISION AVTR INTERIOR (Mercedes Vision AVTR Price in USA)

The DINAMICA leather is favourable for use in luxurious car interiors due to its optimum performance, versatility, and high quality. Besides, the leather guarantees slip resistance for passengers on the seats. You feel like a ‘welcome home’ feeling with the softness of DINAMICA leather.

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Featured with Intuitive Control

The digital neurons of the VISION AVTR flow through the grille through the wheels to the rear area and respond to the approach of the passengers by visualizing the energy and information flow of the environment. When a person places his/her hand on the centre console of the concept vehicle, the interior comes to life and the AVTR recognizes the driver by his/her breathing. Due to this feature, the initial interaction between the human and vehicle happens completely through the control unit.


In addition, the VISION AVTR creates a biometric connection with the driver and enhances his/her awareness of the environment. The digital neurons depict the flow of energy and information by flowing from the interior into the exterior. For instance, the energy flows to the corresponding side of the vehicle when changing direction. Likewise, the neurons flow over the outside of the vehicle when driving.

Immersive Experience Space

The AVTR’s curved display module replaces a conventional dashboard and establishes the visual connection between passengers and the outside world. One of the cool features of this concept vehicle is that the outside world around the vehicle and the surrounding area is displayed in real-time 3D graphics and at the same time it also shows the event on the road in front of the vehicle.


Such features allow passengers to discover and interact live with the environment in a natural way. Passengers get an opportunity to interact with various views of the outside world with the real-time image combined with energy lines that bring the interior to life.

The VISION AVTR allows you to explore the details of three wonders of nature – the Huangshan Mountains of China, the 115-meter-high Hyperion Tree found in the United States and the pink salt Lake Hillier from Australia.

Another interesting feature is that passengers can keep themselves aware of different forces of nature that are not normally visible to the human eye. Examples of such forces can be taken as ultraviolet light, magnetic fields, or bioenergy.

What makes the Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR so expensive?

It is an expensive car, and several factors increase its prices from many other vehicles. I have mentioned a few prominent cost-affecting factors that have made a revolutionary change. 

Presence of digital sensors

It works on the principle of digital neurons that collaborates with brain cells.

The inspiring approach of these neuron sensors has decreased electric energy consumption for powered sensors. 

The hardware inside the cabin consists of these sensors.

The digital equipment gets the current through the cached energy. There are solar plates mounted on the backside of the vehicle.

The plates send the cached signals to the sensors and provide a stable performance. However, the inclusion of digital sensors turned it into an advanced design that increased the cost. 

High-quality battery power system

It has an advanced and rechargeable battery that can remove toxic chemicals and harmful metals with built-in organic cells. It is recyclable that has improved its performance and demand.

Moreover, it is a conductive battery and contains the property of fast charging. The average time for charging these batteries is around 16 minutes to 17 minutes.

It has a capacity of around 112 kWh that can cover electric meters of 720 kilometers. 

It improves the electric efficiency of internal gadgets and provides stable energy due to charging conditions.

However, the addition of an advanced electric power system makes it a costly automobile. 

Extraordinary interior

Holistic and human concepts are the main themes of the entire cabin with several LEDs, multiple lights, and a bubble-curved design. 

It has a luxurious cabin with spacious seats. These are comfortable and comprise dynamic leather with an extraordinary covering material. Its design changes its color according to the variability of internal lights.

The interior provides comfort and relaxation to the travelers by providing a color scheme of sea and sky.

The driver can see through the LED display that prevents sudden accidents at high speeds. 

The automatic speed and infotainment control units are attractive features of this vehicle. 

Unique and conceptual design

Theme-based cars are rare, and it is also based on a unique concept.

It is costly due to several advancements, but the appealing exterior with mirrors and shine makes it an expensive automobile.

The company makes many other cars, but it has a unique body style and shapes diversity.

Durable manufacturing material

Designers made its frame with a sustainable metal material that resists water, rust, and dust. In addition, the seat leather is recyclable and improves the material’s sustainability.

The company uses plastic bottles and clothes and recycles them into an eco-friendly, microfiber material to make the seat covers and mats.

These procedures are friendly to the environment but are costly due to their durability.

In addition, sustainability is a contributing factor to increasing the total cost of the vehicle.

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