Rear Seat Components for 2019 Kia Soul

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How do you put the back seats down in a Kia Soul?

If you don’t need the massively increased cargo capacity allowed by removing your rear seats, you can also fold down the back seats of your Kia Soul to make some extra room. Some Kia Soul models use a string/strap fold-down system. In these models, locate a colored string or strap between the gaps of the rear seats and pull on the string while pushing on the seat to fold down. You’ll have to repeat this for each of the individual rear seats to fold down the entire back row. Other Kia Soul models use a button/lever fold-down system. In these models, you’ll have to locate a button or lever, either at headrest level or seat belt clip level. Once located, press/pull on the button/lever to fold down the seats. MORE: How to get cheap car insurance for young drivers



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2022 Kia Soul Cargo Space

The Soul is a versatile hatchback with a roomy cabin and adjustable seating. It has a total volume of 120.9 cubic feet on the inside, 62.1 cubic feet when folding down the back seats, and a cargo-area volume of 24.2 cubic feet. The generous cargo volume on such a compact and efficient vehicle, all without sacrificing passenger comfort, is one of the Soul’s most remarkable benefits.

Seat Covers for Kia Soul

Kia not only has a unique way of marketing their Soul, but they take it a step further by creating unique names and styles for the Soul to make sure it suits every urban driver’s taste. They came out out with the Soul Diva, Soul Burner and Soul Searcher – embodying the fashionista, the bad boy and the Guru in the driver’s seat. Each has a different color scheme for the exterior and the interior. The options are endless when it comes to Kia Soul accessories – seat covers from ShearComfort are a perfect fit with tons of different material and color options to choose from. If you want to keep your front seats (buckets, standard side air bag) and rear bench (60-40 configuration) protected from day to day wear and tear, we’ve got you covered with our exactly cut seat patterns.

So what kind of seat cover should you buy for your Kia Soul? It depends on intended use, the comfort level you seek, and the overall look you want. First thing to ask yourself: is it normally just you in the vehicle or do kids and dogs join you on your daily commute? If your Soul is just for you, our Neoprene seat covers are more than a suitable choice for protection of a passenger vehicle. You can choose a solid color with our tropical Hawaiian. If you want to really go wild, you can have all Hawaiian Kia Soul seat covers. Even if you do have kids and dogs that aren’t too rough on your seats, the Neoprene and Hawaiian are still popular choices and provide enough protection. Our seat covers for Kia Soul are guaranteed to fit. Our digitized cutting system ensures this, but also because ShearComfort does extensive research on all its vehicles.

If your kids and dogs are messy – which they normally are – don’t worry, we have your covered. Our CORDURA® seat covers for Kia Soul are high wearing, waterproof, and will protect your seats from almost anything your little ones will throw on the seats. Our 2014 Kia Soul seat covers come with not only a fitment guarantee, but we have a manufacturer warranty of one year and for quality and workmanship.

What about comfortable seat covers for your Kia Soul? We have that too! While the CORDURA® might not be the most comfortable choice, our Velour and Sheepskin seat covers most definitely are. Velour seat covers are at the same protection level as Neoprene. But, if its comfort you seek in your Soul Searcher, Sheepskin is the right choice. Australian Merino Sheepskin with Tailor-made options available, these Kia Soul parts transform your seats, creating a comfort zone for driving.

We have seat covers for the following trims: Kia Soul Base 4 Dr Hatchback, or Kia Soul Plus +, and Kia Soul Exclaim!


How to Put Back Seats Into a Kia Soul

Once you’ve gone on your trip, you might decide you want the seats back in your Soul. That’s perfectly acceptable. After all, it’s always nice to be able to take more passengers. 

It’s an easy process to put the car seats back into the Soul. 

All you have to do is reverse the process of taking it out. 

Maneuver the seats back to their original position and lock them in place. 

Once they are back where they belong, it should be easy to reposition and tighten the bolts again. 

Make sure that the bolts are extremely tight at this point so that any potential passengers are safe. 

If you are missing hardware, replace it before allowing anyone to ride in the car. 

Once the seats are in, reattach the seatbelts (and mounts if you took those out) and ensure that everything is safe. 

Check the manual or the KIA website if you have questions or problems with your backseat.

However, the entire system should be relatively quick and easy. 

2022 Kia Soul Infotainment and Audio

Kia’s UVO infotainment system features an 8-inch touch screen with a rearview camera function, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a six-speaker audio system, Bluetooth, and a USB port. You can use remote keyless entry on any trim level. On all but the LX model, a 10.25-inch touch screen with split-screen functions, navigation, UVO Link, and SiriusXM appears in place of the 8-inch screen.

You can customize your Soul to be as utilitarian or extravagant as you like. Available sound-based mood lighting creates soothing color patterns to the beat of whatever you’re playing. An available Harman Kardon audio system, carrying 10 speakers and an amplifier, is twice as powerful as the equivalent from the prior year.

The Kia Soul’s premium trim levels combine the most seating adjustment options and high-quality materials with the best entertainment features. Even with the LX, you’ll get a large, user-friendly touch screen that’s been upgraded over the 2021 edition.