This cleaning gel is a sticky, squishy way to clean your car

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What is it?

This dust-cleaning gel is designed to clean the nooks and crannies in your vehicle. The flexible and moldable putty is ideal for the hard-to-get-to-crevices in your car, including air vents, cup holders, console panels, and more, to pick up dust, dirt and debris.

Beyond your vehicle, the car detailing gel works on other difficult-to-clean items such as computer keyboards, calculators, and household objects like lamps and TV remotes. The goop is sticky to dust but not to hands and won’t leave behind a residue. Plus, its newly upgraded formula features a cherry blossom scent, leaving a pleasant smell in your vehicle.


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What are people saying?

As the no.1 best-selling product among Amazon’s detailing tools, shoppers say the cleaning gel is “perfect for hard to get to areas!”

One Amazon shopper says the product does “exactly what it says t does” and they were “surprised” by how easily it picked up dust and debris, especially from vents and cup holders. They did however note that it does have an unpleasant smell when you first remove t from its container.

“This is really good stuff,” explains another shopper who says that it picks up dust and debris better “than the best hand duster.” They added that it even pulled cat hair off the couch “without leaving a slimy mess.”

However, before you head to checkout, some shoppers note that the cleaning gel has a short lifespan.

“I liked it, but it didn’t last as long as I expected,” writes one shopper, who sad that it “felt really gritty” after just a couple of uses.

Another reviewer also noted that it’s difficult to remove crumbs and dust.

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Why is the ColorCoral Car-Cleaning Putty going viral?

This putty is easy to use and so affordable that even people who absolutely hate cleaning can make the most of it. Plus, the putty-like texture makes it really fun to squish and maneuver through all sorts of dust-prone spots. Using it is as simple as taking a piece of the cleaning gel and kneading it into a ball. Then you slowly press it into dusty crevices or across dirty surfaces. Removing the gel reveals a dust-and-debris-filled portion of putty, thanks to its naturally sticky surface.

Amazon reviewers say that using car-cleaning putty is one of the few cleaning tips that work every time. They’re also calling it “the most useful TikTok revelation” since the viral mac and cheese hack from last year and this video that shows the right way to use cling wrap. It’s also far easier and less greasy than the slugging trend that TikTok users couldn’t get enough of. And it’s more practical: It can also be used to clean your favorite tech devices like keyboards and cell phones.

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