What Does A Blue Engine Coolant Temperature Light Indicate?

What The Coolant Temperature Warning Gentle Means

When the engine is began, the coolant warning gentle will illuminate for a number of seconds to examine the sunshine bulb. In case that the coolant temperature warning gentle continues to be illuminated after beginning the automobile, it is going to sign that the automobile is experiencing hassle within the system. And the most typical causes for a glowing of this temperature gentle automobile are normally the temperature or the fluid degree of the coolant.

What the coolant temperature warning light means (
What the coolant temperature warning gentle means (photograph supply: Ensuper)

Bear in mind as soon as the low coolant seems means that your automobile has skilled some leakage and must be repaired as quickly as attainable. In any other case, your automobile shall be in low coolant mode once more and the motor overheating danger will happen once more. The automobile’s pc will typically save the code in case of an issue, which to get the instruments via the scan and join, that is an especially useful gizmo within the means of figuring out issues for the coolant temperature warning gentle.


How Lengthy can I Drive with Low Coolant?

Whether or not or not it’s secure to drive with low coolant will depend on the circumstances. It might be advisable to drag off the street, change off the engine and examine to see if there’s any coolant remaining within the enlargement tank. If there’s coolant within the tank, it’s at or simply beneath the minimal mark and there’s no indicators of a leak, you have to be good to hold on as regular. Make sure you high up with coolant earlier than your subsequent journey.

If there’s no remaining coolant within the enlargement tank, then it’s troublesome to evaluate how a lot stays within the system and the possibilities are, with that a lot lack of coolant, there may very well be a leak. Beneath these circumstances, it will not be advisable to proceed your journey until you’ll be able to high it up.

What are the Frequent Causes the Coolant Stage Warning Gentle Will Come On?


Low coolant ranges in your automobile are mostly brought on by leaks. These can happen both within the coolant reservoir or someplace within the strains. Coolant leaks can typically be a critical concern as they don’t seem to be at all times simple to diagnose and will be troublesome to repair. Because the coolant travels across the engine, there are numerous locations the place it would leak out together with the radiator, water pump, and hoses.

Sensor Faults

When you’ve got checked your coolant degree after the sunshine has come on and it appears to have the correct amount within the reservoir, the problem may be on account of a sensor malfunction. Many coolant reservoirs have a floating sensor that triggers the sunshine to be turned on as soon as the coolant drops under a sure degree. That is one thing that you’ll want to have checked and corrected by knowledgeable. A sensor alternative will normally clear up the problem.

Pump Points

Typically, the sunshine illuminated on the dashboard may be an indication of a extra major problem, similar to coolant pump failure.

Will My Automobile Fail its MOT if the Coolant Ranges Warning Gentle is On?

You could be stunned to listen to that leaks of engine coolant usually are not at all times thought of to be causes for the MOT check to fail. Nonetheless, chances are you’ll get an advisory in your check in case your automobile is leaking coolant fluid. The quantity of fluid that’s being leaked can even decide whether or not your automobile passes or fails. DVSA pointers state that the automobile will solely fail an MOT if the coolant leak is extreme sufficient to create a pool that’s greater than 75mm in diameter on the ground inside 5 minutes. Critical engine overheating and malfunctions of the coolant pump, nevertheless, are prone to trigger your automobile to fail the MOT check.

What Ought to You Do When the Temperature Warning Gentle Comes on?

The warning gentle flashes for a second or two when the engine begins. If it stays on, there’s have to be one thing incorrect with the coolant.

You need to by no means dare to proceed driving when the sunshine is on. Pull over as quickly as attainable and shut the engine off. Anticipate finally half-hour for the engine to chill down. Put on a thick glove or wrap the hand with a thick towel or a bit of rag and take away the radiator cap to examine the coolant degree. By no means do that when the engine continues to be sizzling as a result of the steam popping out of it might burn you.

If the fluid degree is low, add plain water and drive to a close-by restore store to examine every part completely. Do not forget that it’s only a non permanent resolution. Low degree of coolant means there a leak someplace, which is required to be addressed shortly.

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Then again, if the automobile will get overheated regardless of no leakage or low coolant degree, you shouldn’t drive it once more earlier than taking it to an auto servicing heart.

Subsequent Step

Schedule Warning Gentle is on Inspection

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What to do if Coolant is Brown?

Brown engine coolant is normally an indication of rust. This happens when regular water has been used relatively than correct engine coolant. Engine coolant accommodates properties that forestall corrosion. If the fluid is sort of thick and sludge like, one other chance is because of a combination of various coolant sorts. There are various kinds of engine coolant and there shall be a selected sort really useful to your automobile by the producer. Totally different coolant sorts shouldn’t be combined as they will react and trigger the fluid to thicken. Regardless of the motive, it’s advisable to have the cooling system flushed and cleaned.

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What to do if engine coolant light comes on What to do if engine coolant light comes on