Can I drive for Uber or Lyft with an old car?

What Are Uber Driver Requirements?

In the overall process of applying to become an Uber driver, there are four parts to the overall Uber requirements:

1. Meeting the minimum Uber requirements2. Passing the driver requirements3. Having the necessary paperwork4. Passing an Uber vehicle inspection

As part of this process, the first thing to do before applying to become a driver is to see if you meet the Uber driver requirements that the company has put in place.

These are not super tough, but establish simple minimum criteria for drivers on the road.


Requirements for Uber Comfort

Uber Comfort is a ride option for passengers who e

Uber Comfort is a ride option for passengers who expect the driver to have a higher star rating. For drivers to be eligible for Uber Comfort trips, their vehicle must meet the minimum vehicle year requirement in their city. . They also must have a minimum rating of 4.85, and must have completed the minimum trips required in their city.

Uber Vehicle Requirements F.A.Q

Do I need a 4 door car to become a Uber driver?

Yes, Uber vehicles must be 4-door vehicles with independently opening passenger doors.

  • All four doors must be able to open and close from the interior and the exterior
  • Passengers must be able to unlock and lock their own doors

8 Uber Driver Vehicle Requirements You Should Know

We suggest you consult our guides to driver requirements and background check. However, here are some other important elements you need to verify before applying for Uber.

1. Body

A Car must be free of body damage and dents. Taxis and stretch limousines aren’t allowed on the uber platform. The car advertising is not allowed if you drive for a rideshare company.

Uber BLACK Chicago Car Requirements

Uber BLACK is the highest level of car service Uber offers in Chicago. It also commands the highest fares for drivers who own black sedans and meet the requirements to drive.

The Uber BLACK Chicago Car requirements are:

  • Keep a star rating of 4.85 or higher
  • 5-year-old vehicle or newer
  • Exterior: Black only
  • Interior: Black Leather or Vegan Leather only
  • Commercially Insured
  • Seat at least 4 passengers in addition to the driver
  • No Cosmetic damage or missing piece pieces
  • For Uber Black: City of Chicago livery plates (4 digits followed by LY) or suburb livery plates (5 digits followed by LY)

Your vehicle must be a make and model on the accepted car list. For a complete list of Uber BLACK cars that are eligible in Chicago, you can refer to our Chicago Car List for Uber SELECT, Uber BLACK and Uber BLACK SUV drivers.

Are there Different Car Requirements for Uber Eats?

The vehicle requirements for delivering with Uber Eats are indeed less strict. If you decide that you want to deliver food to people’s homes, it doesn’t matter whether your car has 2 or 4 doors. You also need only one year of driving experience. These requirements may vary by city.

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How do Rideshare Drivers Pay Taxes?

As independent contractors working on their own time, Uber does not deduct taxes from their driver’s pay. Therefore, they are responsible for their taxes. This means that you would have to set aside some of your earnings at the end of every year when Uber sends a 1099 form to include with your tax return for that year. This is also the standard tax practice for freelancers. You can also write off as car maintenance or gas as business expenses. This is why it’s important to keep track of your car’s mileage and gas station receipts.

Again, you have to take note of everything Uber does not cover for you. Also, check your state government for minimum wages laws for independent contractors like Uber drivers. Some states, like California, have laws that mandate workers’ compensation and health insurance. In California, rideshare drivers are considered employees and entitled to such benefits. Look into your state laws or consult an accountant for a more personalized approach to taxes.

What Does Uber Cover For Their Drivers?

While the last previous sections on what you will be responsible for maybe off-putting, the good news is that there are some costs that Uber covers for their drivers. In the event a passenger damages the interior or exterior, Uber will charge them a fee. The fee is based on the cleaning cost and then passed to the driver for them to use.

Another expense of driving that Uber covers for their drivers are accumulated tolls. The toll is added to the passenger’s ride bill as they are charged before getting in the car. This charge will also be visible to the driver.

Do Uber Drivers Have to Pay Anything to Uber?

Uber notably charges its drivers a service fee for each trip they complete. This would be the difference between how much the rider paid and how much you earned. Taxes or any surcharges are not included.

Uber Driver Requirements for your Vehicle

Uber also has a standard for the vehicles used for their clientele. However, the Uber Driver requirements may differ from one city and another. Uber’s website has a page that lists all their eligible vehicles for any zip code or vehicle make and model.

General Uber Driver Requirements for your vehicle are:

  • 10 years old or newer
  • Must have at least four doors
  • No salvage or restored title
  • License plates are valid and registered
  • Not a full-sized van
  • Not a taxi
  • Minimum of five total seat belts

Uber X Requirements

Uber offers different rideshare services based on the number of passengers and service speed. The type of car a driver has can also affect which service they are placed in. Uber X is pretty much the standard Uber service that services up to four riders. This would be the service for many mid-sized cars like the Toyota Prius, Honda Accord, or Civic.

These are the types of vehicles that are qualified for Uber X:

  • Car is 10 years or newer; some states may draw the limit at 15
  • At least five total seatbelts
  • Has four doors.

Uber XL Requirements

Uber XL is the service for larger groups of passengers looking for a ride. Rates are naturally higher because of this. Because of their storage space, XL Uber vehicles are often used for trips to the airport. This includes car models such as the GMC Acadia, Jeep Cherokee, and GMC Yukon XL, which can seat six people.

These cars must also satisfy the following Uber Driver requirements for vehicles:

  • Car is 10 or 15 years old or newer
  • At least seven total seatbelts
  • No vans or trucks

Uber Green Requirements

Uber Green is for cars that are electric or hybrid. If their carbon footprint is smaller than a standard car, then they will qualify as an Uber Green vehicle. This service is unique because passengers are given a surcharge of $1, which is split between the driver and Uber’s effort to reduce their own emissions. These cars are typically the same size as Uber X cars. Keep in mind that Uber Green may not be available everywhere.

Uber Green cars are typically:

  • Vehicle is a hybrid or electric model
  • At least five total seatbelts
  • Newer than 10 years old

Uber Black Requirements

Drivers with high-end, luxury vehicles are placed into the Uber Black service once their acceptance process is completed. This is the highest standard Uber sets for their cars and is applicable to both regular-sized cars and SUVs.

Uber Black and Uber Black SUVs usually include:

  • Black paint job
  • Leather seats and interior
  • Commercial car insurance and registration
  • Airport permits
  • Newer than 10 years

Uber Lux Requirements

Uber Lux is an exclusive service in New York and California. It features high-end car makes and models from brands like Porche, Mercedes, or Lexus.

They usually must be full-sized vehicles with the following features:

  • Four to six doors
  • Commercial car insurance
  • New than 10 years

Uber Eats Requirements

Uber Driver Requirements for food couriers are less stern than their other services since no passenger will be using them.

Virtually, any vehicle can be used for Uber Eats as long as it has:

  • Minimum of two doors
  • 20 years old or newer

UberX Requirements

Uber X is the baseline service for driving with Uber, and if you pass the above guidelines, you will most likely qualify for UberX. Most importantly, you must have at least 4 seat belts, 4 full doors, not center-opening doors like the Honda Element has. And suicide doors will mostly likely disqualify you from being able to drive with Uber.

Typical Uber X cars include the: Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Nissan Altima, Ford Focus, etc.

Uber driver rules

Either the self-employed or the traditionally employed can drive for Uber. This flexibility means that you can drive for Uber during evenings or weekends while holding down a full-time job. Or, you can dedicate your full workweek to driving for Uber. Keep in mind that as an Uber driver, independent contractor is your employment classification ‚Äì not an employee of Uber.  Your work status means that you will be responsible for your own federal (and, if applicable, state) income taxes, self-employment taxes and health insurance. You will additionally need a smartphone to accept ride requests and car insurance. Consider getting rideshare insurance to fill the gap in coverage between your personal car insurance and the commercial insurance provided by Uber to drivers.

What Sill Disqualify You From Uber?

Uber runs background checks on all aspiring drivers and won’t accept just anybody. Potential candidates with certain types of criminal convictions will be barred from driving. That can include those awaiting trial for serious offenses. People with restrictions on their driving license or a history of recent driving violations also risk being excluded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Three common questions asked about Uber driver requirements include:

Do Uber Drivers Pay for Background Checks? No, you don’t need to pay money for the Uber background check. It’s completely free. Uber pays Checkr to perform each check, and nothing comes out of the driver’s pocket. Can Felons Drive for Uber? While Uber maintains that felons won’t make it past the background check, you should personally try. If you have a felony in your past and want to drive for Uber, then it can’t hurt to apply and see what happens. It’s possible that the company may show leniency depending on felony type and how many years have passed since the conviction. Can You Drive for Uber with a DUI on Your Record? Typically, you won’t pass the background check if you have a “Driving While Intoxicated” conviction that occurred less than seven years ago. The time frame can change based on the state you live in. For example, drivers in Los Angeles, California can’t drive for Uber unless a DUI occurred more than ten years ago. Other cities like New York City or San Francisco may have different regulations. Keep in mind that Uber continues to monitor your driving history. If you get arrested for a DUI or significant driving violations while driving for Uber, then it’s likely that you’ll become a red flag in the Uber system. You’ll get dropped from the app and will lose your ability to earn income with Uber.

How to Be a More Successful Uber Driver

Tips for Successful Uber Driving

  • Manage your earnings and expenses.
  • Stand out positively.
  • Keep up with the latest news in your profession.
  • Consider new pay options (such as guaranteed pay).

So far, we’ve looked at how to become an Uber driver and how to get your first riders. But how can you become truly successful at this job? Let’s see.

  1. 1

    Manage Your Business

    As an independent contractor, you effectively have a business that you must manage. You must track your own working hours, earnings, and expenses – Uber doesn’t do any of that for you.

    As explained earlier, you are responsible for paying your own income taxes and self-employment tax, so you must track all your earnings and expenses and compute your tax deductions from your expenses. (This includes keeping track of every Uber-related mile that you drive.) Fortunately, there are useful smartphone apps and PC applications for such purposes. Or you can just create some spreadsheets. There are spreadsheet templates available to track hours worked, earnings, etc.

    If you’ve never been an independent contractor before, you may be surprised at how long and complicated your tax return can get. You can’t be earning money as an Uber driver while you’re trying to fill out your tax returns by hand. Instead, consider using good tax-preparation software (such as TurboTax) to speed up the process of filing your tax returns.

    You can get a tax-preparation software at any Walmart or online (Mike Mozart)

  2. 2

    Stand Out from the Crowd

    You’re competing with your fellow Uber drivers for passengers, tips, and high ratings. You want to show prospective passengers that you’re the best.

    How highly you’ll be rated by your passengers will partly depend on what they’ll think of you personally. Certainly, you’ll need to be friendly, courteous, helpful, and outgoing, someone who can make a stranger feel comfortable in your vehicle.

    Also, do something that helps you stand out positively from other Uber drivers. Provide your passengers some extra simple amenities (such as smartphone or tablet chargers, facial tissues, or breath mints) to make them feel more comfortable. Such little touches can mean the difference between receiving a four- or a five- star rating or the difference between a generous tip or no tip. Of course, the purchase of such simple amenities for your customers is tax-deductible too.

    Impeccably clean interior, nice odor and your smile will usually help you get better ratings

  3. 3

    Keep Up with the Times

    Uber has made a name for itself as a company that tries to stay at the forefront of technology. To fend off restrictive regulations, legislation, or judicial rulings, Uber also tries to respond to various concerns of the communities in which it operates. As a result, there will often be changes to Uber’s operations that you’ll need to be aware of, especially those that may affect your pay.

    For instance, in some cases, you may be eligible for Uber’s hourly guarantee. Uber may guarantee to pay you a particular hourly rate as long as you meet certain qualifications such as how many trips you accept and how many trips you perform per hour. To decide whether guaranteed pay is worth it, you need to do a good job of tracking your earnings without it.

    For the longer term, you should familiarize yourself with advances in autonomous (self-driving) vehicles and the extent to which Uber will take advantage of this technology. Uber management has stated their intention to move away from human drivers toward autonomous vehicles, dramatically reducing the cost of a ride. Uber has already performed some preliminary experiments with autonomous vehicles. Here you can see their experiments in Pittsburg:

    Should that technology prove highly successful for Uber, the employment prospects for Uber driving (and indeed for all ridesharing companies) will be diminished.