How to Make Money on Twitch in 2022

How Do Twitch Streamers Make Money?

Streamers earn money on Twitch through crowdfunded subscriptions, viewer donations, and ‘Twitch Bits’ (another form of viewer donation). They also make money from ads, brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing, merchandise, and game sales. Plus, some Twitch streamers also generate revenue from YouTube videos and crowdfunding on Patreon.

  1. Donations
  2. YouTube
  3. Patreon
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Brand sponsorships
  6. Merchandise
  7. Subscriptions
  8. Twitch Bits
  9. Game sales
  10. Ad revenue

When Does Twitch Pay You?

Once you figure out how to make money on Twitch, the platform will pay you every 15 days if your account balance is more than $100.


How to Maximize your Revenue on Twitch

Once you get started on Twitch and start earning a little money, you can start ramping up your effort to gain a large following and maximize your revenue. Here are some ways to increase your Twitch earnings:

  1. Build a connection with your subscribers: The more you connect with your subscribers, the more likely they will stay loyal and continue subscribing. Make time to engage with them and feel part of the experience. Always keep an eye on other streamers to see how they keep their audience happy and gain inspiration for your channel.
  2. Listen to feedback: As your following increases, listen to the feedback coming in to improve. You can incorporate feedback as it applies, and make sure to highlight when you do so that subscribers know that you’re actively listening to them.
  3. Cross-post your stream by posting Youtube videos: You can increase your earnings by posting clips of your live stream to other third-party services and platforms such as a Youtube channel for additional exposure and revenue.
  4. Optimize your Twitch profile description: Ensure that your Twitch profile is optimized and easy to find to attract more subscribers. Look at what your favorite streamers have in their profile to understand how to optimize yours.
  5. Promote yourself on other social media accounts: Use social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to promote your Twitch profile and attract new users. You can post short clips of your streams as a Youtube video on platforms to gain more subscribers.

No. 3: Subscriptions

If you’re enrolled in the Twitch Affiliate Program, you can also unlock Twitch subscriptions for your channel. Viewers support your channel with monthly subscription payments, and you as the creator can define different tiers, as well as what perks you’d like to give your paying subscribers at each tier of support. Perks for users include special emotes, badges, and ad-free viewing on your channel. Subscriptions can also be gifted.

If you’re a Twitch affiliate, it’s important to note that you’ll only see 50% of your subscription revenue in your monthly payouts – Twitch keeps the other 50%. Subscriptions are often a volume play, and are lucrative for popular Twitch streamers, but may not generate much revenue for you if your Twitch channel is very niche or has a small audience.

The Twitch Partner Program

OK, so we’ve covered the basics of Twitch. With a sizable following you can apply for the Twitch Partner Program. That lets viewers subscribe to your channel, earning you money in the process. Again, you’ll share revenue with Twitch, but when you have subscribers you make money each month, whether or not those subscribers view videos and ads. As a partner, you also have access to help with starting a merchandise campaign, plus more control over video quality.

In exchange for paying a subscription fee for access to your channel, viewers get access to special perks like subscriber-only chats and unrestricted access to your broadcast’s archives. They even get special emoticons they can use on your channel.

Of the site’s over 8.4 million active streamers, around 27,000 are partners. Those are pretty tough odds, but Twitch gives guidance to potential applicants. The site says it’s looking for broadcasters who “engage their chat, develop strong communities, and find creative ways to stand out from the crowd.”

According to the Twitch partnership application page, the company evaluates applications for partnerships on a case-by-case basis. However, all  partners must conform to Twitch’s Terms of ServiceCommunity Guidelines and DMCA Guidelines. DMCA stands for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

How Do Streamers Make Money on Twitch?

In figuring out how to make money on Twitch, the strategies used by many Twitch streamers fall into one of the following five buckets:

  1. Donations – A feature that lets viewers tip you via PayPal with the click of a button.
  2. Twitch Bits – Twitch’s internal currency, purchased in cash and used to tip or cheer on streamers in the moment.
  3. Subscriptions – Paying a monthly subscription to access a streamer’s best content and special perks.
  4. Ad Kickbacks – Receiving a percentage of ad revenue from ads that play on your channel’s videos or streams.
  5. Offline Sales – Directing your audience somewhere off of Twitch to purchase your service, program, or product or buy something on an affiliate link.

How Much Do Twitch Streamers Who Average 1000 Views Make?

How much streamers make will depend on many different factors, but for a streamer who averages 1000 views, they can expect to make $2,500 per month (before Twitch fees) if half of their followers are also subscribers. This is of course not counting other means of money-making on the platform such as bits and donations, advertisements, and outside tactics like selling merchandise, sponsorships, affiliate links, and more.

Bottom Line

If playing video games is something you love doing in your spare time, it’s possible you could leverage that hobby into some side income. Of course, a lucky few gamers make money exclusively from their game play and become international sensations.

How To Make Money as a Twitch Affiliate

When you gain Twitch Affiliate status, you can begin earning with subscriptions, ad revenue and Twitch bits. Here is an overview of how you can make money using these features.


You can earn 50% of every subscription someone buys to your channel. Subscription options range from $4.99 to $24.99.

You can incentivize your subscribers to pick more expensive tiers by offering subscriber only perks.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

Ad Revenue

As an Affiliate, you get a share of the revenue generated from any ads running on your channel.

Twitch is currently updating the terms of the revenue share with Affiliates. Previously, Creators earned a fixed payout for every 1,000 ad views. The platform is moving to a percentage-based model that pays Affiliates and Partners 55% of the net ad revenue from their channel.

Twitch Bits

Bits are a form of virtual currency that viewers can buy to cheer on their favorite streamers. It is the same as donating but uses virtual currency rather than actual money.

As an Affiliate, you only earn a maximum of one cent per bit you receive, but it can add up.


Twitch is currently the biggest streaming platform in the world and is by far the most popular choice for both professional and amateur streamers. There have been attempts at starting competing platforms, but Twitch is such a dominant force that any competitors have their work cut out for them. Even those alternative services that have managed to lure some of Twitch’s bigger names to their platform have been unable to unseat the giant from its throne.

There are boundless sponsorship opportunities for big streamers on Twitch. If your stream is popular enough, then these opportunities will start to come to you. However, if you are prepared to track down leads on your own and approach potential sponsors on your own initiative, you will find it much easier to connect with viable sponsors.

Income Sources Available to Twitch Affiliates and Partners Only

If you wish to join the Twitch Affiliate Program, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Stream for at least eight hours in the last 30 days
  • Steam on at least seven days in the last 30 days
  • Receive an average of three viewers per stream
  • Grow your audience to 50 followers

If you meet these criteria, Twitch automatically invites you to become an Affiliate.

Twitch offers you a few additional earning opportunities as an affiliate. These are still available should you manage to make the jump from Affiliate to Partner.

Twitch Bits

Twitch Bits are effectively mini-donations from viewers. They pay for them using either Amazon Payments or PayPal. Bits are a type of virtual currency that gamers can “spend” on their favorite gamers’ sites. Twitch pays their Affiliates and Partners one cent for every Bit fans use on their channels.

A viewer can Cheer with his Bits. When a viewer Ch

A viewer can Cheer with his Bits. When a viewer Cheers, he uses his Bits to pay for the right to participate in a chat on a particular gamer’s chat channel. He can also use Bits to buy emotes he can use in the chat – with the bigger, more animated emotes costing more Bits. A viewer earns a Cheer Chat Badge in any gamer’s chat channel in which he participates. The more a viewer chats in a channel, the more Bits he spends, and over time he can earn a better Cheer Chat Badge.

You can set the minimum number of Bits needed to send a Cheer message in your channel, so people don’t spam your chat with multiple uses of single Bits.  Likewise, you can set the smallest emote somebody can use in your channel.

You can also add a StreamLabs Tip Jar widget to your stream. This shows an image of an empty glass filling up as people use Bits on your channel. This helps encourage your followers to use more Bits to “fill up” your glass.

Twitch Subscriptions

Twitch Subscriptions provide a recurring income to streamers. You can encourage your followers to subscribe to your channel for either $US4.99, $9.99 or $24.99 per month. The money collected is split 50/50 between Twitch and the streamer (although a few top streamers have been able to negotiate a higher percentage).

As soon as you sign up as an Affiliate or Partner, a Subscribe button will automatically appear on your page.

Streamers can set up alerts to encourage gamers to subscribe. These are signs that pop up on the screens saying that somebody has bought (or renewed their subscription) to your channel. These are particularly popular with Twitch users who love to see their name on their favorite gamer’s page.

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8 Ways to Make Money from Your Twitch Channel

Twitch has a huge user base, and many popular streamers earn money using Twitch. So if you’re asking yourself how do you make money on Twitch, we’ll explore some of the possible ways you can use your Twitch channel to increase your income.

1. Become a Twitch Affiliate

One of the primary ways to generate revenue on Twitch is through the Twitch affiliate program. As long as you’re streaming regularly (at least seven days with three concurrent viewers or more as a minimum), you can become a Twitch affiliate. As an affiliate, you can make money from certain games and game sales or via Twitch Bits.

If you are streaming regularly and able to increase your Twitch affiliate status, Twitch affiliates are rewarded by entering the Twitch partner program. It works similarly to the affiliate program, but Twitch partners gain access to additional perks and monetization opportunities.

2. Brand sponsorships

Many popular Twitch streamers have brand sponsorships that enable them to make money streaming. These sponsorships can take different forms depending on what the sponsor would like. For example, the sponsorships could include selling games and in-game items and working with game developers to create exclusive content and more.

3. Ad revenue generated during streams

Twitch streamers can also make substantial money from running ads on their Twitch streams. Twitch ads include video ads, such as pre-roll and display ads that viewers see during the stream. When streamers run ads during their content, they receive a percentage of the advertising revenue.

4. Create a Twitch store

You can also create your own merchandise that you can sell in your store to earn more money. This gives you an opportunity to be creative and sell unique items to entice your following. Merchandise can include t-shirts, mugs, hats, and more, and it’s a great way for subscribers to show their support for your streams.

5. Accept virtual currency

Users can also send streamers Twitch Bits for their content, which can help you make some extra money alongside other methods. With Bits, users can show their support for content creators. Twitch affiliates and Twitch partners receive $0.01 for every Bit used directly on their channel.

6. Collect donations

Many streamers make money by encouraging their Twitch followers to support their streams by donating money. You can add buttons for Paypal or a third-party app such as Streamlabs to your channel to accept donations and ask viewers to do so every time you do a live stream.

7. Twitch Subscriptions

Twitch subscriptions are one of the best ways to offer viewers value while also building out recurring income every month. With a subscription, users pay a set amount every month to watch you play games or produce other types of content. You can add additional benefits for subscribers to entice them, including ad-free viewing, exclusive chat rooms, and other types of perks to keep them engaged.

8. Create exclusive offers

To keep people interested and earn money regularly, you can create exclusive offers and giveaways by working with brands. You can sell games at a discount for an extremely limited amount of time or create other offers and merchandise giveaways to build your following and increase your subscribers.


This is another option only open to those who are part of Twitch’s Affiliate or Partnership programs. Once you have enrolled in one of these programs, a ‘subscribe’ button will automatically be added to your page and your viewers can sub to your channel. Subscribers get access to premium-only features for that streamers channel, such as custom emotes and other perks—meanwhile, the streamer get to split the cost of a subscription 50/50 with Twitch.

Subscriptions range in price from $4.99 up to $24.99 a month, so they can form a significant source of recurring income for the most popular Twitch streamers.

How to make money streaming on Twitch when youre not an affiliate 4 ways

There are 4 main ways how to earn money on Twitch before you become an Affiliate, and you can easily choose and decide the one, or ones, that work best for you.


On Twitch, they are called “tips” beca

On Twitch, they are called “tips” because they are basically what their name suggests – your viewers can tip you however much they want during streams to support your channel and growth.

This shouldn’t be confused with “bits,” as that’s something that comes as a perk of being an affiliate.

Using humorous different third-party services, you can set up a Donate button on your streams, and your viewers can use it to tip you.

Some of the most commonly used third-party services are Muxy, Donorbox, Streamlabs and PayPal.

Obviously, you don’t want to be too flashy with your donation links, but in order for your viewers to be aware of them, you should add them either to your channel’s About Me section or promote them in the chat using a bot.


One of the great ways to start monetizing your content and promote it on another platform is to upload the highlights of your streams on a separate YouTube channel.

YouTube will add ads to your videos, and that’s how you will get monetized. Of course, you need to gain subscribers and a certain number of watch hours first, but that will generally happen relatively fast. That’s why it’s a great option to do this, even after you become an affiliate.


Patreon is a channel that you can’t use righ

Patreon is a channel that you can’t use right away when starting your channel, only after getting enough viewers that are loyal and enjoy what they see in your streams.

If you decide to go with Patreon, you should know that you will need to make additional content that will be given as a reward for those willing to pay for being part of your Patreon community.

The most common thing that people do is make additional videos for their “patrons” or post your content there before sharing it with the general public.

If you want to make a streaming career, the best option is to create Patreon-exclusive content. Learn more about this topic in our post for content creators about how to use Patreon.

Affiliate marketing

If you’ve watched other people’s streams or YouTube for a while, you’ve probably seen people create sponsored posts where a company pays them to promote their product.

The most common way of doing that is sharing affiliate links during your stream, especially if they are links to products you already use, and the easiest route for this is with Amazon. After sharing the affiliate link, you will get a small cut from each purchase made through your link.

After all, if people can share affiliate links after viral tweets, there’s no reason not to go for this as an additional stream of income on your Twitch channel. It is one of the main ways Twitch streamers make money before becoming affiliates.

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