How To Sell Gift Cards Online for Cash

Where Can I Sell My Gift Cards?

One of the most important things to consider before selling your gift cards is how you want to receive your payment. Are you hoping for the instant gratification of PayPal or direct deposit? Or are you more of a paper check, in the mail type of person?

This may seem irrelevant to some, but the accessibility of their cash is essential to others. Your unwanted gift cards are stacking up, and it’s time to unload them. Googling “where to get cashback for my gift card” isn’t going to cut it this time. It would be best if you had a clear direction on how to sell your gift cards and what platform will give you the most money with the quickest turnover.

Once you’ve settled on this vital facet, you can filter through your options.

How Much Money Can I Make Selling My Gift Cards?

One of my favorite gift card marketplace options, CardCash, claims to buy gift cards for up to 92% of your card balance. So it’s possible to get nice cash offers if you want to sell gift cards.

Most sites that disclose their maximum payouts as percentages don’t even approach 90%. So the amount of money you’ll get will probably be considerably less than your card balance. The exact amount depends on which website you use, how popular the brand is that you’re trying to sell and how much of that brand’s inventory the site already has listed.

Some gift card sites are more complicated than others. But most, if not all, sites that allow you to sell gift cards will make you an offer for your card or tell you the current lowest listing price for that brand within seconds. So you can compare price points rather easily.

Some websites will buy your gift card outright (and then re-sell it themselves). Others will only allow you to list your gift card for sale to other customers.


Trade your gift cards for cards you like better

If you like having gift cards but just don’t like any of the gift cards you have, there’s always the option to swap your gift cards for cards to other stores.

CardCash, for instance, lets you trade in your gift cards for gift cards of the same value—or, in some cases, cards worth up to 7 percent more. When you use a site like CardCash to trade gift cards, not only are you making money on a gift card you otherwise wouldn’t use, but you might get a couple of extra dollars to spend at a store or restaurant where you’d actually like to treat yourself.

Selling a gift card to CardCash

Selling through CardCash is your best and most convenient option for selling a gift card online. You enter the brand name and amount of your gift card, and it makes you an offer. For my $25 Home Depot gift card, it offered me $22. I even had the option to get offers for multiple gift cards at the same time. My redemption choices were direct deposit (ACH payment), PayPal Express or a mailed check. I went with direct deposit, and even though I had to hand over my bank account information, I also had to give my credit card information to place a temporary $1 verification charge for CardCash’s security.

Remember not to get rid of your gift card right after you complete your transaction, as it could take up to a day to verify that your gift card is valid. That said, I got an email that my order was accepted less than half an hour later. CardCash also said to allow one to two business days for my money to show up in my bank account, but I had my $22 by the next day. 

See at CardCash

Other Options for Getting Rid of Unwanted Gift Cards

Despite their ease of use, exchanges aren’t the only way to discard or even get top dollar for your new or unused gift cards. Donating, regifting, or returning gift cards are all viable options. 


A near-cash equivalent, many charities would be thrilled to oversee the expenditure of your new or even used gift card codes and balances. Some donations are even tax-deductible, so be sure to ask participating charities for the appropriate paperwork. Some reputable organizations worth looking into: 


Not a whole lot needs to be said here. If you’re sitting on a $10 worth Starbucks gift cards you’ll never use because fried brown water is of no importance to your life, give it away at your earliest convenience. Zero dollars left your wallet, and the caffeine-addicted friend in your life is a whole lot happier.  

Return Them 

Perhaps the most surprising method for offloading your gift card, some retailers will actually accept gift card returns, so long as you provide a receipt for the purchase. 

While this isn’t common, places like Amazon and Shopify will allow you to turn your gift card into cash as if it were any other payment method, so long as you have a receipt and have returned any items that were purchased using the gift card. 

Each retailer’s return policy will vary, so you’ll have to check the fine print to see if your return will be accepted. 

Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash (Runner Ups)

There’s really no need to deviate from any of the three winners on our list. Doing so increases the likelihood you run into one of many gift card-oriented scams. But if you’re browser is acting up, you really want to do your due diligence, or you’re holding out hope that a different gift card exchange has a hidden better deal, we’ve found a few other legit apps and websites where you can trade gift cards for cash. 

4. ClipKard

If you’d prefer to do everything offline, ClipKard accepts mailed physical gift cards from over 100 retailers worldwide. 

Despite the snail mail route, everything works fairly simply. ClipKard sends you a free pre-paid USPS label, you mail the physical card, and within 1 to 7 business days after balance verification, you’ll receive either a PayPal deposit or check by mail. 

Payouts tend to be lower than their competitors, often in the 70 to 80% cash value range, but they’re a good option if you’re unsure about entering your gift card number and PIN online. 

5. CardSell

There’s a lot to be said about simplicity, and the CardSell mobile app offers exactly that.

Payouts typically come in around the 50% to 75% ofWith no desktop presence, you’ll only be able to access the platform with a mobile or smart device, but cash offers are semi-competitive and payouts hit your PayPal account in a fast 48 hours or less.

Payouts typically come in around the 50% to 75% of total value mark, so it won’t be the highest paying place to sell gift cards online, but if you’re looking to unload cards as quickly as possible, this is one of the faster options for doing it. 

Worth noting, don’t accept the first offer CardSell throws out.

If you decline the initial offer, the app will prompt you to resubmit the card for a +10% payout bonus.

Basically, they’re lowballing, but this is an easy hack to get a higher value straight off the bat. 


The Gameflip Benefits for Sellers

No Hidden Fees No listing fees. No membership fees. After you successfully sold your listing and make money, we then take a small fee from the proceeds!

Seller Protection We secure the buyer payment and protect you from ALL chargebacks or frauds before sending the buyer your items.

Fast Payout You can request payout immediately after your sale completes. Fund processing time varies depending on your bank or payment account.