What Are Kroger Money Services' Hours in 2022?

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What if I Lose a Money Order?

Sometimes you buy a money order and then lose it. Most places that sell money orders have a system in place to replace a lost money order. However, beware that you’ll probably be charged a fee to get a replacement. You’ll need to check with individual locations about replacing lost money orders for specific information.

How do I Know if a Money Order I Receive is Legit?

The legitimacy of money orders you receive can be a concern. Just as with real cash or with checks, there are people all over designing fake money orders.If you ever have a doubt about the legitimacy of a money order you receive, call the issuing company for verification. Also, check for telltale signs of a counterfeit money order such as:– The amount area looks as if it’s been altered– The dollar amount is too high; over $1,000– The money order doesn’t contain a watermark; Western Union, MoneyGram and USPS all put watermarks on their money ordersIf the money order someone is trying to give you doesn’t look right, refuse to accept it and ask for cash instead.

How do I Pay for a Money Order? Most places that sell money orders only accept cash or debit cards to pay for them. Check with the store near you that sells money orders to get specific information on what payment types they accept. Money orders can be a good method for paying bills or individuals. It can be a better method than paying cash because it’s trackable. And, it’s safe. Most places that cash money orders require some type of ID.

Cash Checks

Even if you don’t have a bank account, you can cash checks at Kroger Money Services. You can cash:

  • Payroll checks
  • Government checks, like Social Security checks
  • Income tax refund checks
  • Insurance settlements
  • Business checks
  • Child support checks

You can also cash PIN debit cards.

To cash a check, you’ll need to bring the check and a valid ID. Acceptable IDs include a U.S. passport, driver’s license or other state-issued ID, military ID, resident alien ID, matricula consular ID or tribal nation or reservation ID.

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The cost to cash a check for up to $2,000 is $4 if you have a Kroger card and $4.50 if you don’t. If your check is for more than that amount, the cost is $7 with a Kroger card and $7.50 without one. Costs can vary by location.

What do you need to bring?

To help our in-store associates process your money order as quickly as possible, please bring the following to your nearest Money Services:

  • Social Security or Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Valid ID

When to use a cashier’s check

You can use a single cashier’s check for any amount. A cashier’s check can come in handy when you’re making larger purchases, such as a new car or a new home.

Cashier’s checks cost more than a money order — up to $10 in fees.

How to fill out a check — The bank or credit union that writes the Cashier’s Check will tell you what they need.

Find a Kroger Money Services Near You

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