Your Ultimate Guide For How To Make Money Illegally

Why Look for Illegal Money Making Side Hustles

First things first…

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Let’s face it, everything in life can be done in one of two ways.

You can do things in either the quick and possibly dirty way or in the same way everybody else does, which is slow but sure and perfectly ethical.

Most people, thankfully, choose the latter path. But, if for whatever reason, you need to make money quickly without doing any work, one of the best ways to do so is to do it in an “extra-legal” or illegal way.

The truth is, the world is undergoing a global crisis and people are running out of money, or are finding themselves in all sorts of financial emergencies.

As a result, it can be very tempting to want to cut corners and take shortcuts to get to the money that you need to make your problems go away.

Still, as the old saying goes, “What goes around comes around” you may be thinking that you are fixing your problems quickly and painlessly but, you’d be surprised as to how things will get back to you in one form or another.

You do reap what you sow, and with that said, here are some fast ways to make money that are not exactly legal.


Can you become a millionaire with a low salary?

Millionaire status can only be attained by compounding over long periods of time. The periods measured in decades are necessary to gain millionaire status.

How To Get Started

Since Amazon has banned paid reviews, the best way to find review opportunities is through Facebook. There are Facebook groups dedicated to sellers looking for customers to write reviews in exchange for payment or free products, and you might even be targeted for these opportunities through Facebook ads you see on your feed. Remember, however, that Amazon could suspend your account if they realize you are writing paid reviews.

How can a poor family become rich?

  • Setting goals is crucial to success. Achieving goals is what rich people do.
  • Keep your expenditures to a minimum.
  • Increase income streams by creating multiple sources…
  • Take the time to read and educate yourself…
  • Toxic relationships should be avoided at all costs…
  • Try not to talk negatively to yourself…
  • Take care of yourself.
  • Flipping Real Estate Contracts

    Flipping real estate contracts is a way to invest in real estate with far less capital than what’s needed to buy a home. To make money as a real estate contract flipper — also known as a real estate wholesaler — you enter into an agreement with the original owner to buy the property at a later date, usually in return for an equitable interest in the home. It’s then your responsibility to find a buyer for the home. When you flip contracts, you never actually take possession of the home, so there’s less risk — and capital — involved than a traditional real estate investment.

    28. Pickpocketing

    If you are interested in cash, then pickpocketing might not be the best option for you.

    People generally do not carry too much paper money with them these days.

    However, you can make some quick money from the credit cards that you may steal from people’s wallets and purses.

    You can buy high-value items from stolen credit cards and sell them later. You can also sell people’s credit card and social security information on the black market.

    18. Become a shoplifter

    Removing merchandise from a shop without paying for it is known as shoplifting. The US retail industry lost $ 47 billion in 2017 due to shoplifting.

    You need to be quick with your hands and the ability to distract to be a successful shoplifter.

    Look for items that are small but are highly-priced like watches and jewelry. It is easy to grab these items and hide them.

    The shopkeeper may not find out that something is missing until it is too late.

    When you pick an item, make sure there is no shop assistant or other shoppers around.

    You should also keep a watch on where the CCTV cameras are placed and make sure you avoid them.

    Always buy a few items from the shop to ensure that the shop assistants are not suspicious of you.

    8. Become a hacker

    Continuing with the theme of cyber-crime, if spamming is too low-brow for you, consider keeping things high class and becoming a hacker instead.

    In fact, many hackers actually make a ton of money, legally.

    Apple famously offered a $1 million reward to any hacker who could hack the iPhone. And they’re not alone.

    Companies all over the world flock to websites like HackerOne, a global conduit where companies like Google, GM, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and even the U.S. Department of Defense offer bounties to honest hackers who can exploit vulnerabilities in exchange for lucrative lump-sum payments, before the bad guys find them.

    From those companies’ perspectives, it makes a lot more sense to tap into the world’s most talented freelance hackers than it does to try to salary an in-house security expert, who still might not find everything.

    From the hackers’ perspective, making a ton of money legally sure beats risking jail time.

    But for those hackers unphased by some time in the clinker, things can get even more wild.

    One of the most notorious is the Carbanak Hackers. This group of Eastern European hackers used phishing emails to exploit bank vulnerabilities to the tune of an estimated $1 billion dollars.

    Some of their favorite techniques sound like something straight out of a movie:

    • Hackers altered bank databases to pump up individual bank accounts, then siphon off the excess cash unbeknownst to the user.
    • They infected point of sale systems to lift credit card information from customers, then either go on unauthorized shopping sprees or sell the card details on the black market.
    • They infected ATM machines with scripts that dispensed all their cash at specific times of day. At the same time, money mules would be waiting nearby, ready to collect the slot machine style shower of dollar bills.

    Speaking of the last one. Apparently, there’s an app called Winpot.exe which you can buy on the deep web for around 1 bitcoin (roughly $7,000) that you can install on a USB key, plug into any ATM, and have that ATM immediately dispense all its cash. 🤷

    4. Become a drug dealer

    Cocaine Kingpin Pablo Escobar once had so much money that instead of turning on the heater, he burned $2 million in cash.

    I guess that’s what you can do when you&#821

    I guess that’s what you can do when you’re supplying 80% of the world’s cocaine – an accomplishment that earned him $420 million a week during his cartel’s peak. (And had him spending $1,000 per week on… rubber bands for all that cash.)

    Yes, Pablo Escobar made $22 billion a year selling drugs. Seriously.

    In fact, Escobar’s insane earnings actually led to his downfall, because he was bringing in so much cash that he literally couldn’t launder the money fast enough. Instead, he resorted to storing cash in old warehouses, inside the walls of his houses, and even in empty farm fields.

    Not ideal. Which is probably why his accountant budgeted a staggering $2.1 billion a year in ruined cash, usually from water damage, mold, or rats eating the bills.


    Is Side Hustling Illegal?

    Side hustling is not at all illegal and is completely a legit thing to do. However, certain works like hacking and spamming are entirely illegal to take as a side hustle.

    Besides, any side hustle can be unlawful if you don’t file your income and give proper taxes.

    And finally, you shouldn’t try anything on the dark web to make your side hustle even more profitable.

    What Illegal Things Make The Most Money?

    Shocking it may sound, illegal deforestation and timber cutting is the illegal thing that makes the most money these times.

    The illegal timber industry has an operating revenue of nearly 15 billion. Wildlife trade comes in the second spot with a global operating income of close to $10 billion.

    But you’ll remain in shock if you know about the illegal drug trade that recently crossed $300 billion in operating revenues.

    What Are The Highest Paying Illegal Side Hustles?

    Without any doubt, hacking is the highest-paying side hustle if you don’t consider heinous crimes as a hustle.

    However, manufacturing illegal drugs and peddling them is the highest paying in the actual crime world, although it can attract colossal fines and life imprisonment if it gets caught.

    And on a simple terms, any side hustle can be high-paying yet illegal if you don’t file your income and give your taxes.

    What Are The Highest Paying Illegal Jobs?

    If you talk about the highest-paying side hustles, you talk about the work of Pablo Escobar. Yes, becoming a drug lord in the true sense is one of the highest-paying illegal jobs known to humankind.

    Bank robbery and running underground betting centers come in second place, where millions of dollars flow like water.

    Con artists and hackers are also next on the line as they also earn pretty good doing notorious and illegal jobs.

    Real World Illegal Ways to Make Money

    The above schemes primarily focus on things done online or leveraging technology. Now we’re going to cover illegal money-making activities that happen in the real world.

    6. Robbing Banks or Stores

    This can be robbing a bank, convenience store, or anything that results directly in the loss of cash for a business owner.

    You may have noticed, though, that this type of crime is becoming more difficult to commit. That’s because while most retail stores accept cash, it is either taken away at the end of the day, or the till won’t open after the close of business.

    Given the lowered success rate of this rate and the overall danger involved, it doesn’t seem worth doing, although many people still attempt it.

    7. Theft of Property

    In addition to robbing stores, many people choose to steal property instead. These days, with so many people carrying around valuable devices, this one seems like a low-hanging fruit in a way.

    I have heard of lots of people having phones, laptops, and other electronics stolen from inside their cars – whether locked or unlocked.

    In less-common scenarios, sometimes people even have their cars stolen.

    While it is certainly difficult to estimate the cost of property theft, it is usually estimated to cost Americans around $15 billion every year.

    8. Selling Drugs

    Selling drugs on the street is never good regardless of the type of drug. Even if the drug is a legal one, it’s still illegal to sell it if the seller is not properly licensed.

    Of course, things only compound from there if the person is also selling a drug that is totally illegal, such as hard drugs.

    And the opioid epidemic only makes this one worse from a moral/ethical standpoint. And given that drug dealers may not even clear six figures, this one isn’t worth it in my opinion.

    I buy a box [a kilogram] for £8,500 every two weeks. I’ll sell half of it for £5,000 straight away, which makes the ounce price on the other 18 just under £200 each. I sell them for £350, so I make around £5,500 profit a month.

    -Drug dealer named Ali, from a Vice article

    Sure, that’s a decent amount of money, but it only works out to £66,000 ($86,000 currently) to sell drugs illegally. Ali was selling ketamine.

    9. Gambling

    Now, when I say gambling, I’m not referring to feeding penny slots. Slot machines are pure luck, and, of course, the house always wins (in the long run).

    What I’m actually referring to are those who play games where you can increase your chances of winning with the right level of skill and know-how. One example of this would be poker.

    And then there are those who make millions playing fantasy football. These stories are surprisingly common nowadays. However, you can’t expect to make millions playing fantasy sports casually.

    Some of these guys (and yes, it’s mostly guys) have complex systems in place that most of us couldn’t fathom drumming up.

    All that being said, some of this activity is illegal depending on where you live. State laws often have to be taken into consideration, but playing poker for money at people’s houses is illegal in many states. Same goes for playing fantasy sports for money.

    These activities might be fun and even profitable for some, but that doesn’t mean they are legal.