How to Start a Home Renovation Business

Content of the material Start With Design and Planning Video Plan a Reno-Free Zone Make the site safe, then clear it Profile Menu More Research period features and preserve them Step 5: Painting Calculate Your Budget in Advance 12. Not setting up a timeline 15. Underestimating psychological stressors Plan for Demolition Warning 3. Be Realistic … Read more

How to Calculate Square Footage

Content of the material Use our handy calculator! It calculates using feet and inches.  Pretty cool! Estimated Tile Required: Video How much to allow for waste? How to calculate the square footage of a house How to use the cost per square foot calculator? Convert among square inch, square foot, square yard and square meter … Read more

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a House?

Content of the material Kitchen Renovation Video Office After Gifts Home Renovation Costs: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional The Bottom Line Ways to Save Money on Home Renovation Is a Remodel Right For Me? Is the budget best or even realistic for your family? Is your home more special to you than the cost? How … Read more

How Much Is My House Worth? A Beginner's Guide

Content of the material How much is my house worth? Video Best Approaches to Valuing Land Use Scarcity Desirability Tracking Your Homes Value Land Valuation is an Art, Not a Science Get an Appraisal What factors change raw or vacant land values? Acreage Utilities Topography/Usable Space Road Access ¬†Surrounding Area ¬†Land Property Use Real Estate … Read more

How Much Do Utilities Cost in an Average Apartment?

Content of the material Does the Rent Usually Include Utilities? Video What utility costs are usually covered by the landlord? Average Cost of Seattle Utilities Based on Apartment Size How Much are Utilities in an Apartment with Four or More Bedrooms? How Much are Utilities in a studio or 1-bedroom apartment? Cable The Expense You … Read more